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Winter Fish Kill Prevention

As a pond or lake freezes, diffusion of oxygen from the air above is cut off. If snow builds up on the ice, or the ice becomes hazy, light can’t penetrate the ice and the production of oxygen by plants is cut off as well. When this happens, not only is there no winter oxygen production, the dying plants are broken down by bacteria that also consume oxygen. As the fish and bacteria consume what’s left of the oxygen, the levels quickly plummet.

In winter months, non-aerated ponds exhibit a type of reverse-stratification in their water column. The water is warmer, and slightly denser at the bottom. By installing a Vertex winter pond aeration system, that warmer water can be brought to the surface to melt a hole in the ice and create an area of open water to aid in gas exchange and increase winter oxygen levels. The size of the hole created in the ice is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to, air temperature, depth and number of AirStations™, and amount of airflow.

Where do I install the AirStations™?

Winter pondIt is important to locate the AirStations™ in an area where water depth is not at its deepest (~4'). In the winter water is warmer closer to the bottom, this is where the fish will generally seek refuge from the extreme cold. If this water is brought to the surface and circulated, it is possible to “super-cool” the water and cause stress to your fish, possibly resulting in a fish kill. By placing your AirStations™ in shallower water you can preserve this deeper, warmer, safe haven for your fish while still opening a hole for gas exchange.

When compared to other aeration systems, Vertex stands head and shoulders above the competition:

  • Vertex AirStations™
    • Lift well over 8,000 gallons of water per minute
    • Are self-cleaning
    • Carry an unrivaled 5 year “no questions asked” warranty.
  • Brookwood™ compressors have a long-standing proven track record
    • Are low maintenance and extremely high energy efficiency
    • Come with an extended 3 year warranty
  • QuietAir™ cabinets
    • Constructed of 100% powder coated aluminum
    • Rust and corrosion resistant housing under severe weather conditions
    • Lock for security
    • 115 volt models also come complete with a GFCI outlet for safety.

** Vertex winter pond aeration systems generally will not keep entire bodies of water free from ice, unless specifically designed to do so. Thin ice around the perimeter of the open area can be extremely dangerous. It is highly recommended that strategically placed signage accurately convey the danger of thin ice in an obvious manner.