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Specify Floating Fountains

Points to consider when specifying a floating fountain for a lake:

To determine the appropriate floating fountain for your project, consider these site conditions:

Fountain Size

Coordinate the size of the lake fountain in relation to the size of the pond. An oversized fountain can pose problems in a small pond (overspray, erosion, dominating too much of the focal point, etc.) and an undersized unit will leave a client “underwhelmed” and wondering if the water feature makes any positive impact on the project.

Fountain Position

Line-of-sight issues should be taken into consideration, including the position of the floating fountain in relation to the surroundings (buildings, entrance signage, obvious viewing points, etc.) and the shape of the lake itself.

Wind Resistance

Floating fountains with delicate, arching displays and numerous small jets are popular for many projects, but not where wind is consistently present or when the fountain is in close proximity to people, sidewalks, windows, parking lots, etc. Heavier water with larger diameter jets are more wind resistant and best suited to keep misting/wind drift to a minimum.

Fountain Sound

Heavy water displays provide the sound of falling water to enhance the environment by blocking out heavy traffic or other ambient noises. When sound is not desired, such as places where people gather to converse, a more delicate floating fountain display may be a better choice.

Fountain Options

Do you need a wind sensor that drops the fountain display on a windy day then automatically resets when conditions return to normal? A lake fountain lighting system that changes color? Multiple fountains in one lake being controlled by a single master panel? Modification/customization of the fountain’s display?

All these options, and many more, are available with Vertex Water Features!

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Get the Fountain you Want

Once you have chosen your floating fountain model, specific information (horsepower, voltage, phase, lights, etc.) must be included in order to complete the fountain specifications and subsequent import into any bid documents and/or plans. Vertex Water Features has provided easy “interactive” pdfs to fill out, save and add to construction plans:

  1. Click on the appropriate model link below, it will open in a separate page.
  2. Fill in the available options:Specs Image
    • Page 1: Place cursor over desired fountain options, including horsepower, lights, voltage and phase (ex: 5hp, with lights, 230V, 1 phase) and click. A check mark will appear.
    • Page 2: Fill in the blanks (HP, voltage, phase, # lights, cable lengths) based on the size unit chosen. When specifying cable lengths, water depths and slope must be considered, add additional cable length to accommodate this.
    • Page 3: Installation Guidelines are included for construction plans to ensure electrical codes and requirements are met.
  3. Save as a pdf to your desktop and add to your blueprints as needed

Fountain Specifications

AerationJet   RingJet
FanJet TriGeyser
FunnelJet TriPod
GeyserJet TriTier
MultiGeyser TwoTier

For more details go to:

Vertex CADdetails Microsite Link

Quick Downloadable Materials

Click on the link to open the file in a new window, right click to bring up the menu and choose save.

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