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Service and Repair

aeration boilNothing is new forever, no matter how well it was built. That’s why Vertex Water Features offers service and repair of aeration systems and floating fountains. And, they don’t have to be our systems, our experienced technicians have a broad range of training working with all of the major brands.

Of course, preventing problems is the best option. That is why we offer cleaning and maintenance services ourselves in Florida and through our network of dealers in other areas. Whether as a single service call or a long term contract, we will make sure your equipment recieves the attention it needs.


In Florida provide: Fountain

  • Quick response time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Certified factory technicians
  • Servicing of all major brands
  • Warranty for work provided
  • Annual contracts


If you have a Fountain or aeration system that needs
service or repair, call 844-432-4303 or contact us.