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Pond Aeration and Fountain Resources

LibraryAt Vertex Water Features we believe that our best customer is an informed one, so we have put together this section of our site to help you become more knowledgeable about aquatic ecosystems, aeration and floating fountains.

Do you know of a good article or useful links? Is there something you have been trying to get information about concerning ponds, aeration and/or fountains without much luck?

Let us know! We want this to become your go-to place for aeration, floating fountain and pond management information. Send your best ideas or questions to

The information is broken down under the following headings:

Featured Aeration Installations – read how Vertex aeration systems solved problems for a diverse set of customers

Pond, Lake Aeration and Fountain PDF's – downloadable materials for general waterway issues, aeration systems and floating fountains

Pond and Lake FAQ's – Quick answers to the questions you ask the most

Pond and Lake Articles – Targeted information that relates to ponds, aeration and fountains; and their usage:

Glossary of Waterway Terms – What does stratification mean exactly? For this and other definitions we have created a glossary of industry terms to help increase understanding.

Useful Links About Ponds, Lakes, Marinas, Canals and Reservoirs – broken down into two categories:

  • Business Resource Links – This is just a helpful list of sites that businesses may use. 
  • Consumer Resource Links – Aquascaping, fishing, boating, golf? These links are all about the fun things you do around lakes and ponds.