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Managing your pond

Many factors determine the health of a pond or lake. No single technique will ever be the answer for all situations, but all have their place in an integrated aquatic restoration and management program. For long term control of ongoing problems you need to vary the techniques based on the following:

  • Current state – is it overgrown with plants? Algae? Are there fish?farm pond
  • How you will use it – Is it used for boating, fishing or swimming? Wildlife habitat?
  • Environment – What are the possible pollutants? Exotic plant invaders?
  • Cost – What is your current budget? Long term budget? Like a house or lawn, keeping up a pond is not free.
  • Technical constraints – Are there local regulations? How accessible is your pond?
  • Time - How soon do you need, want, expect visible results? Are you looking for a quick fix or long term enjoyment?

Your pond restoration and maintenance plan will depend on your ponds unique needs but will include least one of the following:

  • Pond Aeration – Fish, plants and other living organisms need oxygen to live, and ponds need living organisms to support higher life forms and to aid in decomposing organic matter and pollutants. Vertex bottom diffused aeration has been proven to provide more oxygen at all levels of your pond than other types of systems.
  • Bioaugmentation – A pond in distress is often lacking in the necessary bacteria and enzymes to breakdown the organic materials that enter the water and may have nutrient levels that are too high or too low. The Micro-Lyfe family of products can enhance your lakes biology.
  • Aquatic weed and algae control – Sometimes chemicals must be used but you need to ensure that they are applied correctly, they have been tested and found to be safe, and that there are no other options
  • Fish Stocking – Healthy ponds have fish. There are many companies you can get stock from once you know the water is healthy.
  • Shoreline and littoral planting – Native plants add to the beauty of your pond, they will help prevent exotic plants from gaining ground and become much needed food and nesting areas for numerous species of wildlife.

A combination of two or more of these may be required for long term health and enjoyment of your pond. Implementing a program tailored to your specific needs will go a long way towards restoring the natural balance of the aquatic ecosystem of your pond.