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pond aeration reduces algae
pond aeration reduces midges
pond aeration helps fish
pond aeration reduces stratification
pond aeration reduces odors
pond aeration reduces nutrients
pond aeration helps bacteria

Pond Aeration Systems and Components

There are no one size fits all aeration systems. An effective, cost efficient, low maintenance aeration system design is based on the unique charcteristics of the pond or lake and utilizing the right components.

  • Vertex membrane technology has been independently tested and proven to outperform other makes and models of diffusers
  • Self-clearing flexible membrane openings prevent clogging in even the dirtiest of lakes. Muddy bottom, dirty, or hard water? No Problem!
  • Perfect for updating or retrofitting worn-out, clogged or broken airstone or tube type diffusers.
  • Vertex MicronBubble™ technology provides superfine bubble generation. As bubble size decreases, oxygen transfer and lifting rates increase dramatically.
  • Over 50,000 disks installed since 2006 without a single plugged up or blown out membrane!
  • Five-year warranty—all Vertex AirStations™ carry a “No Questions Asked” free replacement guarantee.

Contact us for help building the perfect system for your lake.

PondLyfe Logo New PondLyfe aerators from Vertex address the growing need for a professional quality aeration system at an affordable price for water gardens and smaller ponds up to 1.5 acres in size. PondLyfe aerators benefit small pond owners who want the best available technology to restore their ponds to a cleaner, clearer and healthier condition naturally by raising oxygen levels, reducing muck, excess nutrients and suspended solids in the water column causing murky water.

PondLyfe 1 SystemPondLyfe 2 SystemPondLyfe 3 SystemPondLyfe 4 System
PondLyfe SpecificationsAdditional Features
Horsepower: 1/4
Max/Running Amps: 2.0/1.6
Maximum Air Output (CFM): 2
Maximum Depth: 30'
Maximum Aerated Acres: 1.5 Acres

Choice of Three Colors:
   PondLyfe Color options
» Powder Coated Aluminum Cabinet
» GFCI Safety Circuit
» ETL Safety Certification
» Independently Tested AirStations
» Self cleaning membrane diffusers
» Single 5 Micron Filtration
» Restarts Under Pressure
» Super Quiet Operation

“The Vertex Aeration System was an extremely good investment. It has run flawlessly without need for repairs - only simple maintenance at the end of the year. I haven’t had any more stressed or dying fish, and the diffuser pads haven’t needed cleaning a single time!” - Bruce Condello, President/Co-creator of Big Bluegill, Field Advisory Staff and website Moderator of PondBoss magazine.

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These are our base, pre-packaged systems. If you are certain of your needs, click here to find a dealer. If you aren't sure, check out the specifying aeration section of the site or contact us to get the most effective and cost efficient system for your pond, lake, marina or canal.

XL2 System
XL2™ Systems: Air 2 up available with high flow compressors
 AIR 1 XL21Small11/3 
 AIR 1+ XL22Small11/3 
 AIR 2 XL22Medium11/2 
 AIR 3 XL23Medium11/2 
 HF 3+ XL24Medium13/4 
 AIR 4 XL24Large21 
 AIR 5 XL25Large21 
 AIR 6 XL26Large21 
 HF 7 XL27Large21 1/2 
 HF 8 XL28Large Lake43 


XL4 System
XL4™ Systems: All available with high flow compressors
 AIR 1 XL41Small11/3 
 AIR 2 XL42Medium11/2 
 AIR 3 XL43Large21 
 AIR 4 XL44Large21 
 HF 1 XL41Medium13/4 
 HF 2 XL42Medium13/4 
 HF 3 XL43Large21 1/2 
 HF 4 XL44Large21 1/2 
 HF 5 XL45Large21 1/2 


XL5 System
XL5™ Systems: All use high flow compressors
 HF 1 XL51Medium13/4 
 HF 2 XL52Medium13/4 
 HF 3 XL53Large21 1/2 
 HF 4 XL54Large21 1/2 
 HF 5 XL55Large Lake43 
 HF 6 XL56Large Lake43 
 HF 7 XL57Large Lake43 
 HF 8 XL58Large Lake43 













diffuser disk close-up

New Improved Vertex AirStation Disks with Membrane3 Technology

Since introducing our third generation Membrane3 technology in 2006 Vertex Water Features has sold more than 50,000 diffuser disks without a single reported clogged or blown-out membrane. Vertex stands behind its diffuser technology with our famous 5-year “No Questions Asked” warranty.

The Vertex Diffuser Advantage

  • More energy efficient die cut perforations
  • “Delta” surface pattern increases active surface area and aeration efficiency
  • Reformulated proprietary membrane compound increases rebound flexibility, wear, clog resistance and longevity
  • Larger, stronger diffuser ring improves membrane retention and service life
  • Redesigned and strengthened diffuser body and membrane backing plate
  • StableTrak™ technology increases lift velocity
  • FlowControl™ technology equalizes airflow to each disk


Aeration Lifting Rate Chart

Vertex Diffuser Models classified by water depth and lifting rate GPM (gallons per minute)
Air Flow = 1.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute) per disk

Lifting rate data represents total water flow recorded by independent testing and real world data collected by Vertex from installed aeration systems. Lifting rate varies significantly by air flow, water depth and other factors. XL8 data extrapolated from XL5 data.

Your system may include a combination of AirStation models and/or more than one cabinet depending upon the size of your lake, acreage maximums are per cabinet

XL2 Shallow Water

XL2SW CoActive AirStation

General use: Shallow ponds
Can be configured with up to 7 AirStations
per cabinet to cover up to 9 acres


XL2 CoActive AirStation

General use: Smaller ponds
Can be configured with up to 7 AirStations
per cabinet to cover up to 9 acres


XL4 CoActive AirStation

General use: Deeper ponds
Can be configured with up to 5 AirStations
per cabinet to cover up to 9 acres


XL5 CoActive AirStation

General use: Lakes
Can be configured with up to 8 AirStations
per cabinet to cover up to 20 acres


QuietAir™ Cabinets

  • Powder coated aluminum for a more
    durable, attractive finish
  • Redundant cooling systems with ventilation
    grill and high capacity fans
  • Easy access design with lock and key
  • Easy plug-in connection to electrical service
  • Heavy duty, light-weight mounting pad
  • All 'Large Lake' cabinets have an integrated
    muffler for quieter operation
QuietAir Cabinet Dimensions
Large Lake32"28"22.5"








Remote Valve Box SystemsQuietAir Cabinet

It's Cheaper to Pipe Air than Electric. No power near the pond? No problem. Vertex's line of Remote Valve Box Systems allows installation of the cabinet wherever it is convenient.

Simply locate the system cabinet where you do have power and deliver the air as far as needed through 1" PVC pipe. At the shoreline of the pond simply install a Vertex Remote Valve Box to divide the air into separate airlines.This will save the thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. 

Sound Kits - Quieter Cabinets are here!Sound Kit

If a compressor makes noise in the woods does anyone care? Probably not, but when they have to be placed by patios, under bedroom windows or in community gathering areas, the noise just seems louder.

Every 10dB decrease is actually ½ as loud to the listener and normal conversation is in the 60-70 decibel range – the same as our cabinets without the new sound kits!

Now there are options to give your customers the best experience for their circumstances, the Vertex Sound Kit which consists of a Muffler Box, Sound Insulation and a Quiet Filter. This option is available for all sizes of Vertex QuietAir™ Cabinets.


The difference in decibels between cabinets with and without the sound kit.

Decibel Chart

QuietAir Cabinets

Brookwood Compressor

Brookwood™ Compressors

  • SafeStart™ technology for full pressure restarts
  • Highest flow rate of any compressor in its class
  • Available in 115V 60 Hz or 220V – 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Oil-free – requires no lubrication
  • 2 – 4 times the duty cycle of other compressors
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Superior piston design provides higher pressure, quieter operation and longer life than vane compressors


BottomLine™ Tubing

Self-weighted air supply tubing has made quite an impression in the aeration industry. By addressing the needs of professionals in the lake management, golf course and parks and recreation industries, Vertex Water Features has developed the perfect airline supply tubing for lake aeration systems . . . and that's the Vertex BottomLine™!

BottomLine Tubing

Tubing Features

  • Use with standard PVC solvent weld cement
  • High wall thickness for long term durability
  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Over-sized for high flow
  • Self-weighted for easy installation
  • Available in 100' and 500' increments
  • Available in inside diameters from 3/8" to 2"

Tubing Comparisons

  • Poly Tubing: Extremely labor intensive installation, bricks must be added for weight every few feet, thin walls cause frequent kinking and are easily punctured by fish hooks and wildlife.
  • Lead-Keeled Poly Tubing: Has same thin wall problems as poly tubing plus highest costs and introduces potentially dangerous lead into the ecosystem.
  • Other PVC Tubing: Stiff to begin with and becomes more rigid in cooler temperatures making installations difficult and labor intensive.