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Pond and Lake Aeration Installations

Before and After Aeration

Outdoor TV and Radio Host, Alan Warren, owns a top notch hunting lodge known as Stone Ledge Ranch, located in beautiful Texas Hill country. Directly in front of his lodge, sat a leaky one acre pond that was choked with algae, weeds and not many fish.

In 2011, Alan reached out to Pond Boss, Bob Lusk and pond aeration expert Sue Cruz with Vertex Water Features for help in transforming his nasty pond into a healthy and attractive pond that can sustain a population of Bass, bluegill and catfish.

Alan drained the pond and started from scratch with a bull dozer, taking out an island and making the pond deeper. Once the pond began to fill again, Bob and Sue traveled to Stone Ledge in June of 2012 to install a Vertex AIR 1 Plus aeration system, stock some fish and set up a fish feeder.

Ever since, Alan and his guests have been enjoying the view from the deck on the lodge. The crystal clear water serves as a refreshing swimming hole in the summer as well as a drinking spot for wildlife. Now that the pond is in perfect condition, the Vertex aeration system will help keep it that way! Watch the video for all the details.*

*Video field production and videography by Gerry Olert

After much effort to obtain funding, Bastrop State Park in Texas installed a Vertex Aeration System in August to combat the effects of one of the worst droughts in the history of the area. Unfortunately, due to these exceptional drought conditions and a windy dry front that crossed the state, wildfires ravished the area.

The worst wildfire occurred in Bastrop County, which burned nearly 40,000 acres, rendering many homeless. Within the affected area, lies Bastrop State Park, which was 99% destroyed by the fire.

Bastrop Lake 1

The devastating losses in this area included the Vertex system, installed less than one week before the fire. The loss of the system was minute in relevance to all losses during the entire event, but it still played an important role to conserve the fish and wildlife within the park.

The little pond survived the catastrophe and served as a water source to fight the flames with what little water it had left from the drought. Because the agency's primary focus is on vital park replacements for now, replacing the aeration system might have taken a very long time, causing further stress to the already fragile aquatic eco-system.

Most of the tubing and diffusers survived underwater but the pump house where the cabinet/compressors were located burned completely along with several feet of tubing leading to the water.

In an effort to help the park save Bastrop Lake, Vertex has donated a replacement aeration system with plans to follow up yearly as part of a scientific study on bringing lakes back after natural disasters.

An Aqua Services crew traveled to Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula to install several Vertex Aerators in the lagos of the newly built El Jaguar golf course and country club. Terry Goldsby, Bryan Goldsby, Troy Goldsby, and Josh Yerby travelled to the site in March of 2011 to perform the installations. The aerators were installed in 12 of the lagos, and the installation process lasted approximately a day and a half.

The objective of the installation was to improve water quality and clarity by using Vertex aerators in conjunction with water clarifying flocculation blocks. The aerators were installed for the purpose of adding dissolved oxygen to the lagos to improve water quality and prevent fish kills in the summer months. They also perform the function of moving water over and around the flocculation blocks so that the blocks can interact more efficiently with suspended particles in the water column.

Yucatan Aeration installYucatan Istallation








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On October 22, 2011 Bob Lusk, the editor of Pond Boss Magazine, had a Vertex Air1 Plus System installed with an Airstation for for each of two side by side 1/2 acre ponds located at his property in Texas.

The installation took place during a field day that Bob set up to teach the 16 attendees about aeration and other pond management techniques.

Joshua Flowers and Chad Fikes with Texoma Hatchery did the actual installation while Sue Cruz, a Biologist and Sales Manager with Vertex, discussed the importance and benefits of aeration as an environmentally friendly tool for both restoring and maintaining healthy aquatic eco-systems.