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Pond Aeration Controls Midge Flies

Aquatic Midge Fly Swarming Controlled with Vertex Aeration

midge flies

90% Reduction in just 16 months without pesticides

Hibbs Grove located in Cooper City, Florida was experiencing an ongoing outbreak of swarming non-biting midge flies (Order: Diptera, Family: Chironomidae) from their 6.5 acre lake preventing residents from enjoying their lakefront property. Sampling indicated an extreme infestation of midge larvae averaging 6,794 larvae/m², more than six times the recognized 1,000/m2 nuisance level.

Hibbs Grove turned to the biologists at Vertex Water Features for an environmentally safe solution. Vertex installed a CoActive Air 5 aeration system that provided compressed air to five XL2™ CoActive AirStations placed at the deepest points throughout the lake, effectively circulating the entire water column 0.76 times per day.

midge lifecycle


Oxygen levels increased immediately and accumulated organic muck on the bottom began to decompose thereby eliminating the habitat and food source that the midge larvae depended on. The improving water quality allowed predators of the midge fly, such as bluegill and aquatic insects to prey on the midges. The resulting increased predation, decreased nutrients and habitat competition contributed to a significant decrease in midge fly numbers.

Within 16 months of the Vertex system installation, the midge fly larvae population had been reduced by 90 percent, from 6,794 larvae/m2 to just 660 larvae/m2. Throughout the 16 months, there had been a visible increase in fish, dragonflies and water beetles all of which are natural predators of the midge fly larvae. With continued aeration, the oxygen levels have remained elevated and continue to oxidize bottom muck and suppress the midge fly population.

Hibbs Grove Data

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