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Vertex Enhanced BriteStar Solar Aeration

Product Enhancements

The 2016 models of BriteStar battery-free solar aeration systems from Vertex have been significantly re-engineered with an improved cooling system and electronics and a higher output compressor that provides 40% more air.BriteStar Logo

Streamlining the manufacturing process has allowed us to offer customers both a longer three year warranty on the compressor and lower prices.  For those customers who already have a 24 volt alternative energy system, Vertex sells just the compressor system and AirStation diffusers without the solar panels for great savings.

Vertex remains the only solar system utilizing a digital drive 24V BLDC wobble piston compressor that lasts years longer, can be rebuilt and provides tremendous torque at higher pressures to deliver the most air for longer tubing runs and deeper water depths.

Vertex is fully committed to improving and expanding our line of solar energy powered aeration products to reduce our carbon footprint and slow global warming.” said John Gardner, President Vertex Water Features

Vertex Services

Vertex Water Features is a science and engineering based aeration system manufacturer that provides custom designed water quality solutions for ponds and lakes of all sizes. Vertex aeration systems are distributed through an international dealer network to interested lake owners, developers and government agencies. 

Learn more about solar pond aeration and these systems: BriteStar Solar Aeration Systems

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