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Vertex Donates Aeration for Fire Ravaged Lake

POMPANO BEACH - On Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Bastrup State Park in Texas installed a Vertex Aeration System that they had purchased to combat the effects of one of the worst droughts in the history of the area. One week later the system was destroyed by the wildfires that swept through the area.

The worst wildfire occurred in Bastrop County, which burned nearly 40,000 acres, rendering many homeless. Within the affected area, lies Bastrop State Park, which was 99% destroyed by the fire.

Bastrop Lake 1

The devastating losses in this area included the Vertex system. The loss of the system was minute in relevance to all losses during the entire event, but it still played an important role to conserve the fish and wildlife within the park.

The little pond survived the catastrophe and served as a water source to fight the flames with what little water it had left from the drought.

In an effort to help the park save Bastrop Lake, Vertex has donated a replacement aeration system with plans to follow up yearly as part of a scientific study on brings lakes back after natural disasters.


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