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Micro-Lyfe™ Sludge Clear

Is muck-reduction your number one lake improvement priority? Lakes with thick sludge layers release toxic gasses that smell bad and threaten aquatic life.

Sludge Clear LogoMicro-Lyfe™ Sludge Clear is used with either the Complete or Concentrate products to accelerate the breakdown of muck and binds excessive nutrients, resulting in improved water clarity. This biological stimulant will enhance the muck and nutrient reduction properties of our other microbiology products, especially in warm-water.

Micro-Lyfe Sludge Clear:

Sludge Clear

  • Enhances and speeds bottom sludge and muck reduction
  • Best when used with Micro-Lyfe Complete, Concentrate or Digester Reduces foul odors
  • Binds excessive nutrients including phosphates
  • Cationic charge binds with suspended solids improving clarity
  • Works fastest in warm water conditions
  • Helps improve pond clarity - 100% active ingredients
  • Disperses quickly and is Bio-degradable

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