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Micro-Lyfe Pond Restoration Products

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A healthy lake is clear, odor free, and has a balance of wildlife and plants. A lake in distress is often lacking in the necessary bacteria and enzymes to breakdown the organic materials that enter the water, and has nutrient levels that are too high or too low. The Micro-Lyfe family of products were developed to restore your lakes biology and bring it back to a healthy balance.

Benefits of using Aeration with Other Products

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Bioaugmentation and aeration were made for each other. Aeration and water circulation enhance the natural bacterial metabolism of muck and other organic materials in a lake. By supplementing with additional types of bacteria and accelerating enzymes, you speed the nutrient, muck, and odor reduction benefits of aeration. Since many of these beneficial bacteria require oxygen to perform at an optimal level, aeration will allow you to use less product to achieve the same strength of effectiveness thereby reducing your treatment cost.

Choosing the right products

Use these guidelines to determine which pond products are needed to restore your lake or pond:

       Product Link                                            Benefit to Pond Restoration

Micro-Lyfe Concentrate ButtonImproves and maintains the overall health of your lake ecosystem
Micro-Lyfe Complete ButtonDiminishes high nitrate concentrations that cause a rotten egg smell.
Use when installing or restarting a lake aeration system
Micro-Lyfe Sludge Clear ButtonReduces muck in lakes that are black, flocculent, or full of organic sediments
Micro-Lyfe Digester ButtonSpeeds the breakdown leaves, needles, wood, or other plant matter on the bottom
Micro-Lyfe Blue Power ButtonShades the water to lessen bottom algae growth and improve water color
Micro-Lyfe Barley Boss ButtonHelps to prevent algae scum on the shoreline, especially in newly built ponds

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