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Micro-Lyfe™ Digester

Is your lake surrounded by trees? If your lake is receiving a lot of leaves, needles, or other plant material, you need Micro-Lyfe Digester, microbiology in a bag!

Digester LogoMicro-Lyfe™ Digester contains spore-based bacteria and enzymes in water soluble packets for mess-free ease of use. This consortium is specially formulated to biodegrade hard-to-digest plant material like leaves. If you have trees surrounding your lake, you should be tossing in packets of Micro-Lyfe Digester as part of your water management program.

Micro-Lyfe Digester:Digester

  • Metabolizes and reduces bottom organic detritus
  • For sediments with high levels of leafy and woody plant material
  • Contains cellulase enzymes for digesting difficult lignins
  • 1,362 billion sludge degrading bacteria per pound
  • Water soluble packets for year round, no-mess application
  • For tree-lined ponds, Digester works best when used with Micro-Lyfe Complete, Concentrate, or Sludge Clear

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