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Micro-Lyfe™ Concentrate

Does your lake smell? Is muck build-up reducing the depth of your lake? Want an all-natural way to restore your lakes health?

Micro-Lyfe ConcentrateMicro-Lyfe™ Concentrate is an economical solution to your basic bioaugmentation needs. Choose this ultra-concentrated culture of 4 spore-forming bacteria to reduce the buildup of sludge and odor while speeding the removal of harmful ammonia and nitrite. Every gallon of Micro-Lyfe Concentrate contains 12 trillion microorganisms!

Micro-Lyfe Concentrate

Micro-Lyfe Concentrate:

  • Unique phototrophic bacteria that gain energy from sunlight
  • Is super concentrated with 12 thousand billion microorganisms per gallon
  • Accelerates nitrogen cycling reducing toxic ammonia and nitrite levels
  • Helps control organic matter and sludge buildup
  • Has a different blend of bacteria than Micro-Lyfe Complete
  • Is very affordable utilizing a cost effective monthly application

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