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Micro-Lyfe™ Complete

Does your lake have low oxygen in the bottom waters? High nitrogen, including nitrates? Are you installing a new aeration system?

Micro-Lyfe CompleteMicro-Lyfe™ Complete is our advanced bacterial product with photosynthetic purple sulfur bacteria. Complete works in aerobic, anaerobic, or anoxic conditions to digest the most difficult compounds. It is one of the few bacterial products capable of converting nitrates to nitrogen gas utilizing chemotrophic, autotrophic, and heterotrophic bacteria.

Micro-Lyfe CompleteMicro-Lyfe Complete:

  • Unique phototrophic bacteria that gain energy from sunlight
  • Autotrophic bacteria reduces dissolved carbon dioxide and controls pH
  • Heterotrophic bacteria metabolizes suspended organic matter, sludge and odors
  • Purple sulfur cultures reduce nitrate levels by de-nitrification
  • Chemotrophic bacteria oxidizes difficult chemical compounds
  • Live vegetative cultures with anaerobic, aerobic and facultative species

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