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Micro-Lyfe™ Blue Power

Does the color of your lake water make you frown? Does light penetrate all the way to the bottom of your lake?

Blue Power LogoMicro-Lyfe™ Blue Power can improve common lake problems with it's unique combination of dye and enzymes. Blue dye decreases sunlight penetration, reducing photosynthesis, and colors the water a pleasing shade of blue. The addition of amylase enzymes aids in the digestion of organic wastes as plant matter decomposes.

You can adjust color intensity by adding more or less dye. Once diluted into the lake, dye will not stain fish, swimmers, concrete, or rocks.

Micro-Lyfe Blue Power

  • Blue PowerSafely colors water an appealing shade of blue
  • Blocks out photosynthetic light wavelengths
  • Amylase enzymes help digestion of organic wastes
  • Mixes throughout pond in a few hours
  • Diluted product will not stain birds, fish, or most
    concrete or pond rocks
  • Safe for humans, animals, plants and aquatic life
  • No swimming, irrigation or fishing restrictions

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For better color and shading to enhance your pond, contact us!