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Large Lake Aeration

There are no one size fits all aeration systems. An effective, cost efficient, low maintenance aeration system design is based on the unique characteristics of the pond or lake and utilizing the right components. 

Our most powerful systems for larger lakes and reservoirs

The new Vertex LL 33HE™ high efficiency air compressor system is ideal for aerating larger lakes, inland canals, harbors and marinas. The LL 33HE provides you our most advanced technology yet in large single phase compressor systems for restoring impaired waterways. Unlike our other compressor systems, the LL 33HE is not yet ETL or CE certified. Marine HE 33 Cabinet

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful: Brookwood super-duty 230V single phase HighFlow™ compressors provide 30 PSI of working pressure, for depths up to 50’ deep.
  • Higher Efficiency: Brookwood HighFlow™ systems reduce monthly electric bills about 40% over rotary vane and 10% over other piston compressor systems.
  • Total Airflow: 33 Cubic Feet/Minute – Industries highest flow rate and a 50% increase over our next largest single phase system.
  • Epoxy Coated Compressor Heads: New corrosion protective coating protect components against demanding summer temperatures and high humidity.
  • Extended Service Intervals: When operated 24/7, the compressor service interval is typically every two to three years.
  • Compressor Cabinet: Heavy gauge, powder coated, reinforced and welded aluminum construction with stainless steel fasteners.
  • Redundant Cooling System: Three oversized 7” axial fans with excess capacity to protect compressors from over-heating and premature motor failure for world-class reliability.
  • Vertex SafeStart™: This exclusive technology boosts airflow while allowing safe, automatic restart following power supply interruption.
  • Versatility: System is totally customizable, operates all models of Vertex AirStations™, BottomLine air supply tubing and VBS remote valve boxes as needed.
  • World’s Best Warranty: 3 years parts coverage on compressor system excluding wearable parts (air filters and compressor maintenance kits), 5 years on all AirStations™ and 15 years on BottomLine™ air supply tubing.

Download the Large Lake HE33 PDF

These are our base, pre-packaged systems. If you are certain of your needs, click here to find a dealer. If you aren't sure, check out the specifying aeration section of the site or contact us to get the most effective and cost efficient system for your pond, lake, marina or canal.

XL2 System
XL2™ Systems: Air 2 up available with high flow compressors
 HF 4 XL24Large21 1/2 
 HF 5 XL25Large21 1/2 
 HF 6 XL26Large21 1/2 
 HF 7 XL27Large21 1/2 



XL4 System
XL4™ Systems: All available with high flow compressors
 HF 3 XL43Large21 1/2 
 HF 4 XL44Large21 1/2 
 HF 5 XL45Large21 1/2 


XL5 System
XL5™ Systems: All use high flow compressors
 HF 3 XL53Large21 1/2 
 HF 4 XL54Large21 1/2 
 LL 4 XL54 XL5Large Lake43 
 LL 5 XL55 XL5Large Lake43 
 LL 6 XL56 XL5Large Lake43 
 LL 7 XL57 XL5Large Lake43 
 LL 8 XL58 XL5Large Lake43 









Specified systems for comparable lakes

Vertex High Flow 4 XL5 System

map c1
  • 12 surface acres - 22,461,299 gallons
  • 4 XL5 AirStations - 2.5 CFM each
  • Lg HF Cabinet - 1 ½ HP
  • 11.1 System PSI
Vertex Custom High Flow 3 XL5/2 XL2 System

map 32
  • 12 surface acres - 29,462,312 gallons
  • 3 XL5/2 XL2 AirStations - 2.65 CFM each
  • Lg HF Cabinet - 1 ½ HP
  • 10.8 System PSI

Specified systems for very large lakes and reservoirs

2 Vertex Large Lake 8 XL5 VBS Systems

map d1
  • 52 surface acres - 128,711,217 gallons
  • 16 XL5 AirStations - 2.5 CFM each
  • 2 Lg Lake Cabinets/Remote Valve Box - 3 HP/cabinet
  • 16.6 System PSI
6 Vertex High Flow 6 XL5 Systems

map d2
  • 57 surface acres - 509,300,503 gallons
  • 36 XL5 AirStations - 2.5 CFM each
  • 6 Lg HF Cabinets - 1 ½ HP/cabinet
  • 20.9 System PSI

Independent Study: Vertex Lake Aeration Eliminates Accumulated Sediment

East Twin Lake in Michigan Muck Reduced an Average of 2.8' in 10 Years

East Twin Lake

"A community project removed over 90 dangerous timbers from the lake in 2002. In clearing the lake from these obstructions, discussion turned to the noticeable levels of sediment in East Twin Lake, primarily concentrated at its west side. Was this sediment a sawdust gift from our timbering forefathers that was stored on our sandy-bottomed lake? In 2002, we were determined to come to the aid of our upper mesotrophic lake. We were not satisfied seeing our lake filled with unsightly and increasing sediment.

East Twin is a relatively shallow lake. Depths range four to eight feet, with some areas no deeper than about 26 feet. The lake bottom is primarily a hard sandy surface. During a period of low water levels, the high sediment level at the western end of our lake became more prominent. The sediment occupied as much as six of the eight feet of depth in many locations. These levels were unacceptable to boaters, water enthusiasts, and fishing aficionados. Our problem area is located at the western end of our lake. This area consists of 160 acres of surface area. An existing island on our lake and a sand bar, which traverses from the island to the northern shoreline, roughly contains it.

How could we rid our lake of this unacceptable sediment? In July 2004, eight Vertex Air3 XL4 Systems were installed throughout the cove at the west end of the lake. " - Twin Lakes POA


Muck reduced an average of 2.8' in 10 Years, oxygen levels restored and excessive BOD eliminated.

East Twin Lake Update

Download the East Twin Lake Case Study PDF


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