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Pond Aeration for Healthier Golf Course Lakes

Water is an integral part of most golf courses. Poor water quality leads to numerous problems including foul odors, swarming midge flies and mosquitoes, algae and weeds which make golfing unpleasant. A major culprit on golf courses is the high volume of nutrients from watershed run-off. When water has low oxygen levels with large quantities of phosphorus and nitrogen, the result is unsightly algae blooms, odors, muck buildup fish kills and swarming pests.

What can be done?

Golfers by a pondEconomical Vertex aeration systems treat the problem at the source by adding oxygen which creates a healthy aquatic environment for the entire ecosystem as well as reducing stratification, nitrogen and phosphorus that occurs over time. Additionally, proven Vertex aeration systems are far less expensive to purchase, operate and service than traditional floating fountain type aerators.



A few Golf Courses Using Vertex Aeration

  • Cascadia Championship Golf Course: Cascadia, WA
  • Champions Golf Club: Houston, TX Houston
  • Naples National Golf Course: Naples, FL
  • Oakes Golf and Country Club: Hockley, TX
  • Papago Golf Course: Phoenix, AZ
  • Sandestin Golf & Beach Club: Miramar Beach, FL
  • The Club at Carlton Woods, a Jack Nicklaus Course: Spring, TX
  • The Woodlands Country Club: Spring, TX
  • Whispering Pines Golf Course: Trinity, TX

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Sandestin Golf & Beach ClubSandestin Golf Course

Site Specifications

Surface Acres: 4.2
Perimeter Feet: 3,667
Lake Volume: 12,628,768 Gallons
Total Acre Feet: 38.8


System Specifications: HF Air 7

Number of AirStations: 7
CFM/AirStation: 1.42
GPM/AirStation: 2,679
Daily Pumpage: 26,999,818
Turnovers/Day: 2.14
System PSI: 14.2