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GeyserJet Floating Lake Fountain

Downloads: GeyserJet Info PDFGeyserJet Specs PDFGeyserJet w/LED Light Specs PDF

Create a strong statement with the white and frothy activity of the GeyserJet floating fountain series. Its heavy, wind-resistant display is highly visible during the day and a dramatic focal point at night when illuminating its dense, aerated pattern.

GeyserJet Photo
GeyserJet DiagramGeyserJet Diagram Key

 HPHeightNozzle DiameterLightsTotal WattageAMP DrawAvailable Phase
 212'3"21000W101, 3
 316'4"21000W101, 3
 520'4"21000W101, 3
 7.522'6"31500W151, 3
 1025'6"31500W151, 3
 1530'6"42000W201, 3