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Vertex Floating Lake Fountains

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Engineered for Excellence

Form vs. function. It's an argument that takes place in any decision making process when the topic involves something that is sought primarily for its aesthetic quality. If all that mattered was initial impact and beauty of a fountain, any manufacturer would do.

At Vertex, we understand that the fountain needs to work smoothly and efficiently over a long period of time as well. That's why we put so much into ensuring that all of the individual components are built from the highest quality materials and assembled to exacting standards.

Custom Lake Fountains

As the technology leader in custom floating fountains, Vertex is known for providing the highest quality, environmentally sound products for the market. With custom floating fountains as large as 60hp, Vertex has earned a reputation for attention to detail and customer satisfaction for over 30 years.

4 year assembly fountain warranties 2 year lights fountain warranties 1 year controls fountain warranties

Quality Lake Fountains

All of our floating lake fountain designs begin in research and development, go through extensive production, inspection, installation and finally, testing to ensure our products meet your specific needs for a striking focal point in your lake. As an industry leader, all we do centers around one uncompromising premise:

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Provide the best looking, longest lasting fountains in the industry!