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Florida Lake Management

Aquatic Systems LogoSince 1977, Aquatic Systems an affiliated company of Vertex Water Features, has been solving difficult lake and pond management problems throughout Florida.

Aquatic Systems OfficesFreshwater resources are a wonderful part of our natural environment. We enjoy them from lakeside properties and depend on them to recharge our groundwater supply. However, there exists an ever-growing demand on our freshwater ecosystems for recreational, agricultural and industrial purposes. That's why golf courses, condominium and housing developments, commercial sites and property management companies throughout Florida rely on Aquatic Systems' careful scientific approach to lake and pond management to successfully meet their water quality needs.

FREE WATERWAY ANALYSIS: Aquatic Systems will visit your site to measure each waterbody. All submergent, floating and shoreline plant and weed communities are recorded for their size and location. Water flow, irrigation systems and pollution sources are noted. We also record fish and wildlife observations, existing habitats and nesting areas. A surface water sample is collected and analyzed as required.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Aquatic Systems will design a program for your waterways utilizing the latest available technology to ensure the continued integrity of the aquatic ecosystem. We use nature to our advantage to bring your lake safely back into balance.

WATER QUALITY TESTING: Aquatic Systems has a fully staffed, in-house laboratory to provide testing of water quality including nutrient levels, oxygen, turbidity, pH and alkalinity. Laboratory data can be useful in determining suitability of water for recreation (bacteria levels) or for irrigation (chloride salt concentrations).

MIDGE FLY AND MOSQUITO CONTROL: Aquatic Systems has the required State certification and technology to control swarming midge fly and mosquito populations. ASI can also reduce leech populations and the organism that causes Swimmer’s Itch.

FISH STOCKING: Live fish add excitement to any waterway and Aquatic Systems has available a wide variety of hearty native freshwater fish. Largemouth Bass, Bluegill and Channel Catfish are the most commonly stocked fish and may be ordered in any quantity. ASI also stocks Triploid Grass Carp to control aquatic weeds.

For lake management in Florida contact Aquatic Systems!