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Environmental Statement

earth friendly iconVertex Water Features is a manufacturer and technology leader in the field of environmentally responsible tools to maintain the health of aquatic ecosystems. We are committed to the restoration and maintenance of both naturally occurring freshwater lakes and ponds, and man-made stormwater/pollution retention ponds.

Our leading product line of advanced diffused aeration adds oxygen to the water, preventing stratification, thereby reducing the need for chemicals to combat problems.

Earth Friendly Accomplishments:

  • Pond with aerationVertex bottom aeration systems naturally reduce algae, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide gases, phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient levels thereby reducing chemical applications while improving water quality, aesthetics and fisheries.
  • Development, testing and introduction of Micro-Lyfe™ line of products including beneficial bacteria for naturally improving water quality and reducing biological oxygen demand and bottom muck
  • Lake dye applications to reduce weed and algae growth by blocking sunlight to bottom growing surfaces.

Pond with aeration

Our Goals

  • Pioneer new methods of aquatic weed and algae control to eliminate or reduce use of herbicides and algaecides whenever possible
  • Establish the healthiest possible aquatic eco-systems
  • Use the most environmentally sound practices possible
  • Train specialists to design systems for maximum efficiency
  • Educate our customers about current best management practices
  • Continuously test our products to ensure optimum results

Vertex Water Features products are designed to maintain the
highest standards for environmentally sound pond and lake management.