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BriteStar Battery-Free Solar Aeration

BriteStar Solar Aeration Ad Photo

Vertex Water Features new lines of affordable, battery-free, high efficiency solar aerators are an environmentally and financially responsible solution for your pond or lake aeration needs.

Our economical break-through solar technology provides more aeration at both a lower purchase price and lower long term maintenance costs.

Battery-Free Engineering Saves Time and Money

Batteries are an expensive component of existing systems, they require charge controllers, transformers and a time clock to work and all of those parts have high replacement costs. BriteStar battery-free solar aeration systems cost about HALF as much as battery run systems and have a MUCH LOWER cost of ownership over the life of the system.

BriteStar charts

High Torque 24V BLDC Digital Motor

  • Powerful brushless motor design minimizes pressure loss to provide more air to your pond at greater depths
  • Digital motor controller constantly balances solar power for maximum air flow at deeper depths
  • Provides superior durability and reliability over ordinary (PM) permanent magnetic motors
  • Has over 3X the life expectancy of a PM motor, about 10,000 hours versus about 3,000 hours for a PM motor
  • Balanced components for a low noise and vibration free environment
  • BriteStar compressors are backed by Vertex with a three year warranty

BriteStar Systems

BriteStar 1BriteStar 2BriteStar 3BriteStar 4

BriteStar 1

One XL2
Max Depth 25'

BriteStar 2

Two XL1
Max Depth 25'

BriteStar 3

Three XL1
Max Depth 15'

BriteStar 4

One XL1 - One XL2
Max Depth 15'
  • Two 250W Solar Panels with Racking
  • Minimum Sunlight Required - 20%
  • 168W Digital 24V BLDC Motor
  • Max/Running Amps - 7.0
  • Max Air Output - 2.5 CFM
  • Restarts Under Pressure
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Cabinet
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Independently Tested AirStations
  • Self-cleaning membrane diffusers

Solar Panels

  • Two 250W High efficiency solar panels per system
  • 500W capacity allows operation on cloudy days
  • Powers the system with as little as 20% sunlight
  • Standard panel racking included
 BriteStar Solar Panels

BriteStar Compressor

BriteStar AirStations


  • Eliminates expensive batteries, charge controller and time clock replacement costs
  • Advanced digital circuitry extends daily operating hours
  • Commercial grade Brookwood compressor for long life
  • 24V DC operation provides highest efficiency
  • 15 PSI output works in both shallow and deep water sites
  • Heavy duty, long lasting, all aluminum cabinet – not plastic
  • High capacity cooling fan for extended compressor life

Vertex AirStation Diffusers

  • Single or Coactive AirStation(s)
  • Durable ABS diffuser base
  • Vertex MicronBubble3 self-cleaning diffusers - no acid or ultrasonic cleaning required


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