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pond aeration reduces stratification
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Vertex Pond Aeration: Engineered for Excellence

Why choose Vertex aeration products? Consider this...

The people behind the products:Bill Dance Video Link

  • Degreed staff knowledgeable in aquatic biology, limnology, fisheries sciences lake management and pond restoration
  • National network of qualified, experienced aeration distributors providing local support, service and pond management expertise.
  • Vertex has a team dedicated to research and development of effective means of pond and lake restoration

Our pond aeration systems are continuously tested:

  • Many claims are made about the effectiveness of fountains, windmills and other bottom configurations, studies have shown that bottom diffused pond aeration is the most effective
  • Vertex has published independent testing of circulation rates, proven results
  • Case studies that illustrate the ability of pond and lake aeration to improve single issues such as muck reduction as well as overall improvement in water clarity and quality

We stand behind out products quality:

  • ETL LogoETL Equipment listing ensures product meets electrical safety codes
  • High efficiency compressors and diffusers provide our pond aeration systems with higher lifting rates with lower power consumption
  • “5-year No Questions Asked” diffuser warranty, and 3-year compressor systems warranty
  • Self-cleaning pond aeration diffusers, easy to replace filters, extended compressor service intervals

Vertex Aeration Technology Out Performs the Competition

Muck Reduction Case Study Destratification Case Study Nutrient Abatement Case Study Midge Fly Reduction Case Study

TestingThe results are in and the Vertex CoActive AirStation™ with MicronBubble Technology™, a pond bottom diffuser, passed with flying colors! Independent tests certified by Professors from the University of Missouri, Department of Environmental Engineering confirmed the pumping rates of the Vertex CoActive AirStation™ are indeed staggering — an impressive 3510 GPM at 21 feet of depth with just one CFM of air supply!

Single CoActive AirStation™ - Lifting Rate Using Only 1 CFM of Air

Vertex Water Features sought this testing so that customers would have solid, scientific data to accurately design and size their lake aeration systems. To our knowledge, no other lake aeration manufacturer has had independent testing performed on their diffused air system's ability to circulate water.

Such independent testing not only distances Vertex from our competition, but also provides Vertex the means to scientifically calculate lake turnover rates influenced by diffuser depths, lake volume, flow and other critical criteria to insure each Vertex system is correctly sized to meet individual site needs. Our customers can have the utmost confidence in their Vertex designed installations!

Lifting Rate Chart

Maximum Circulation Rate Comparison per Horsepower

Compare the published GPM@ HP rates of our competition, our systems are proven to be superior to theirs. Vertex aeration systems surpass the competition in circulating the water column, the most important aeration specification for increasing dissolved oxygen levels and improving water quality. Vertex's higher aeration efficiency results in lowering equipment and installation costs dramatically for our customers.

Engineered for Excellence

Vertex history timelineVertex introduced the lake aeration industry’s first CoActive MicronBubble™ membrane disk technology in 1998. Since then, our rugged aeration systems have performed reliably under the worst natural conditions around the globe.

Since introducing our 3rd generation Membrane technology in 2006, Vertex Water Features has sold more than 40,000+ diffuser disks without a single reported clogged or blown-out membrane.

Vertex stands behind its diffuser technology with our famous 5-year “No Questions Asked” warranty. Not a two year warranty or a pro-rated warranty but a 100% replacement warranty including shipping costs.

From our first venturi style diffuser installations in 1980 to our technology leading AirStations™ of today, Vertex has been continuously pushing the science of bottom aeration technology forward.








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