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pond aeration reduces algae
pond aeration reduces midges
pond aeration helps fish
pond aeration reduces stratification
pond aeration reduces odors
pond aeration reduces nutrients
pond aeration helps bacteria

Pond or Lake Aeration Calculations

site mapDo you want to figure out your own aeration needs?

It may seem that specifying pond aeration is a simple matter of taking a few measurements and ordering a system. But as often happens, there are a number of ways to measures things, and knowing what to measure is as important as knowing how to do it.

To better understand the differences you may encounter, take a look at the variables involved as well as some comparisons.

The best way to ensure that your lakes/ponds unique needs are met is to let us help you design it.

But, if you feel you can do it yourself, Vertex provides the following tools:


Electric Running Cost Calc Button Aerae and Volume Calc Button Free Aerial Mapping Button


Better yet, Contact Vertex for your aeration system design

Use this to gather information about your pond or lake