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Designing Pond Aeration Systems

Aerial Pond Map

Aeration System Design Questions

Is your pond round or square, shallow or deep or some combination of all? Several factors determine the optimal 'system' for a given body of water. Read on to learn how aeration is specified, look at comparisons of similarly sized lakes and ponds that received different systems, or jump in and let us start designing the perfect system to restore your lake or pond.

Tell us the location and a few things about your lake and we will send you a scaled aerial map - the first step to accurately determining how much aeration you need.

Vertex is committed to helping you obtain all of the ecological benefits of aeration for your pond, lake, marina, canal or reservoir at the best possible price with the lowest energy and maintenance costs.

Let the Vertex aeration experts design your best system.


Vertex has the widest selection of components in the industry to design the most efficient and cost effective system for your unique pond, lake, marina, canal or reservoir. Designing a system takes into account:

Water DepthLake showing depths

Whether man-made or natural, there is never a single depth to a body of water. Some are relatively shallow throughout while others have areas that are quite deep. Vertex will look at the range of depths in order to create the right column of water for the best turnover rate.


Is it sort of round or square, or does it have 'fingers' sticking out all over? The overall shape is often what determines the number of AirStations that are needed to ensure the entire pond or lake is getting the full effect of oxygenation.


From less than 1 acre to over 91 million acres, the range in sizes of lakes on the planet is huge. Correctly sizing an aeration system will take into account the total size of your pond or lake.

Power source

Why does this matter? Aeration systems are run by electric compressors pumping air through the hose and diffusers. Two issues will be addressed in designing your system:
  • Running the system: standard systems require power to be close to the water's edge. Vertex has a Remote Valve Box option that is more cost effective than moving electricity.
  • Noise: any compressor/cabinet will make some noise. Typically, aeration cabinets are similar to home AC units in the amount of noise generated. If the cabinet must be placed where even this level of noise is too much, Vertex has a Sound Kit option to reduce the sound even more.

The best aeration system configuration to achieve consistent oxygen levels throughout the entire body of your pond, lake, canal, marina or reservoir is based on looking at all of these variables together. The biologists at Vertex have years of training and experience specifying aeration systems for all types and sizes of ponds, lakes, marinas, canals and reservoirs.

Don't get lost in the details. Let us design your system!


Aeration Lifting Rate Chart

Vertex Diffuser Models classified by water depth and lifting rate GPM (gallons per minute)

Air Flow = 1.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute) per disk

Lifting rate data represents total water flow as recorded in both independent testing and real world data collected by Vertex from installed pond aeration systems. Lifting rate varies significantly by air flow, water depth and other factors. XL8 data extrapolated from XL5 data.

Specified systems for comparable small ponds

Vertex Air 3 XL2SW System

map a1
  • 0.9 surface acres - 954,019 gallons
  • 3 AirStations - 1.46 CFM each
  • Md Cabinet - ½ HP
  • 3.2 System PSI
Vertex Air 1+ XL2 VBS System

map a4
  • 0.9 surface acres - 1,948,735 gallons
  • 2 AirStations - 1.1 CFM each
  • Sm Cabinet/Remote Valve Box- ¹⁄3 HP
  • 5.2 System PSI

Specified systems for comparable medium ponds

Vertex Air 5 XL2SW VBS Systems

map b1
  • 3.3 surface acres - 4,744,574 gallons
  • 5 XL2SW AirStations - 1.68 CFM each
  • Lg Cabinet/Remote Valve Box- 1 HP
  • 6.4 System PSI
Vertex High Flow 3 XL5 VBS System

map b2
  • 3.3 surface acres - 9,885,198 gallons
  • 3 XL5 Airstations - 3.4 CFM each
  • Lg HF Cabinet/Remote Valve Box - 1 ½ HP
  • 9.0 System PSI

Specified systems for comparable lakes

Vertex High Flow 4 XL5 System

map c1
  • 12 surface acres - 22,461,299 gallons
  • 4 XL5 AirStations - 2.5 CFM each
  • Lg HF Cabinet - 1 ½ HP
  • 11.1 System PSI
Vertex Custom High Flow 3 XL5/2 XL2 System

map 32
  • 12 surface acres - 29,462,312 gallons
  • 3 XL5/2 XL2 Airstations - 2.65 CFM each
  • Lg HF Cabinet - 1 ½ HP
  • 10.8 System PSI

Specified systems for very large lakes and reservoirs

2 Vertex Large Lake 8 XL5 VBS Systems

map d1
  • 52 surface acres - 128,711,217 gallons
  • 16 XL5 Airstations - 2.5 CFM each
  • 2 Lg Lake Cabinets/Remote Valve Box - 3 HP/cabinet
  • 16.6 System PSI
6 Vertex High Flow 6 XL5 Systems

map d2
  • 57 surface acres - 509,300,503 gallons
  • 36 XL5 AirStations - 2.5 CFM each
  • 6 Lg HF Cabinets - 1 ½ HP/cabinet
  • 20.9 System PSI


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