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pond aeration reduces algae
pond aeration reduces midges
pond aeration helps fish
pond aeration reduces stratification
pond aeration reduces odors
pond aeration reduces nutrients
pond aeration helps bacteria

Aeration Electrical Running Costs

Estimate monthly and yearly electrical running costs for Vertex aeration systems. For multiple system installations add up and enter the amperage load for all the systems to get the total electrical running cost. Your electrical costs will vary depending on your local utility charge per KWH and the pressure the system operates at. Contact us for help in getting the most efficient system for your pond.

Single Phase/115 Volt Calculator


Single Phase/230 Volt Calculator

  • Approximate amperage load of Vertex Aeration Systems operating at 10 PSI, lower or higher PSI will raise or lower amperage slightly.
  • We recommend aeration systems run continuously 24 hours per day.
  • In areas where ponds ice over, aeration systems may be turned off several months of the year.
  • Enter 0.12 (12¢ approximate charge) or check monthly utility bill and enter your local rate.

System Amperage Loads at 10PSI

 Model115V Amps230V Amps 
 Air 1 XL23.91.7 
 Air 1+ XL23.91.7 
 Air 2 XL23.81.7 
 Air 3 XL23.81.7 
 Air 4 XL27.63.3 
 Air 5 XL27.63.3 
 Air 6 XL27.63.3 
 HF 2 XL24.41.9 
 HF 3 XL24.41.9 
 HF 3+ XL24.41.9 
 HF 4 XL28.93.8 
 HF 5 XL28.93.8 
 HF 6 XL28.93.8 
 HF 7 XL28.93.8 
 HF 8 XL27.6 
 Air 1 XL43.91.7 
 Air 2 XL43.81.7 
 Air 3 XL47.63.3 
 Air 4 XL47.63.3 
 HF 1 XL44.41.9 
 HF 2 XL44.41.9 
 HF 3 XL48.93.8 
 HF 4 XL48.93.8 
 HF 5 XL48.93.8 
 HF 1 XL54.41.9 
 HF 2 XL54.41.9 
 HF 3 XL58.93.8 
 HF 4 XL58.93.8 
 LL 5 XL57.6 
 LL 6 XL57.6 
 LL 7 XL57.6 
 LL 8 XL57.6