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pond aeration reduces algae
pond aeration reduces midges
pond aeration helps fish
pond aeration reduces stratification
pond aeration reduces odors
pond aeration reduces nutrients
pond aeration helps bacteria

BottomLine Tubing for Pond Aeration

BottomLine™ Tubing

Self-weighted air supply tubing has made quite an impression in the aeration industry. By addressing the needs of professionals in the lake management, golf course and parks and recreation industries, Vertex Water Features has developed the perfect airline supply tubing for lake aeration systems . . . and that's the Vertex BottomLine™!

BottomLine Tubing

Tubing Features

  • Use with standard PVC solvent weld cement
  • High wall thickness for long term durability
  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Over-sized for high flow
  • Self-weighted for easy installation
  • Available in 100' and 500' increments
  • Available in inside diameters from 0.58" to 1.25"

Tubing Comparisons

  • Poly Tubing: Extremely labor intensive installation, bricks must be added for weight every few feet, thin walls cause frequent kinking and are easily punctured by fish hooks and wildlife.
  • Lead-Keeled Poly Tubing: Has same thin wall problems as poly tubing plus highest costs and introduces potentially dangerous lead into the ecosystem.
  • Other PVC Tubing: Stiff to begin with and becomes more rigid in cooler temperatures making installations difficult and labor intensive.