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Lake Aeration Reduces Sediment

Independent Study: Vertex Lake Aeration Eliminates Accumulated Sediment

East Twin Lake in Michigan Muck Reduced an Average of 2.8' in 10 Years

East Twin Lake

"A community project removed over 90 dangerous timbers from the lake in 2002. In clearing the lake from these obstructions, discussion turned to the noticeable levels of sediment in East Twin Lake, primarily concentrated at its west side. Was this sediment a sawdust gift from our timbering forefathers that was stored on our sandy-bottomed lake? In 2002, we were determined to come to the aid of our upper mesotropic lake. We were not satisfied seeing our lake filled with unsightly and increasing sediment.

East Twin is a relatively shallow lake. Depths range four to eight feet, with some areas no deeper than about 26 feet. The lake bottom is primarily a hard sandy surface. During a period of low water levels, the high sediment level at the western end of our lake became more prominent. The sediment occupied as much as six of the eight feet of depth in many locations. These levels were unacceptable to boaters, water enthusiasts, and fishing aficionados. Our problem area is located at the western end of our lake. This area consists of 160 acres of surface area. An existing island on our lake and a sand bar, which traverses from the island to the northern shoreline, roughly contains it.

How could we rid our lake of this unacceptable sediment? In July 2004, eight Vertex Air3 XL4 Systems were installed throughout the cove at the west end of the lake. " - Twin Lakes POA


Muck reduced an average of 2.8' in 10 Years, oxygen levels restored and excessive BOD eliminated.

East Twin Lake Update

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