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pond aeration reduces algae
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pond aeration reduces stratification
pond aeration reduces odors
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pond aeration helps bacteria

New Improved Vertex AirStation Diffuser Disks

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Membrane3 Technology

Since introducing our third generation Membrane3 technology in 2006 Vertex Water Features has sold more than 50,000 diffuser disks without a single reported clogged or blown-out membrane. Vertex stands behind its diffuser technology with our famous 5-year “No Questions Asked” warranty.

The Vertex Diffuser Advantage

  • More energy efficient die cut perforations
  • “Delta” surface pattern increases active surface area and aeration efficiency
  • Reformulated proprietary membrane compound increases rebound flexibility, wear, clog resistance and longevity
  • Larger, stronger diffuser ring improves membrane retention and service life
  • Redesigned and strengthened diffuser body and membrane backing plate
  • StableTrak™ technology increases lift velocity
  • FlowControl™ technology equalizes airflow to each disk